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Raku Wall Hanging Commission

This Raku Wall Hanging was one of my many commissions and I was delighted with its outcome as was my customer!

She had seen, and purchased other raku wall hangings from me and wanted a larger piece to complete her display. This piece is mixed media containing varied textures & colors of fibers as well as bead work. I’m somewhat of a pack-rat where supplies are concerned! If I see something I think will enhance my work, I buy it long before I’ve actually created the piece it eventually will be used with. I enjoy combining things that seem opposite which is why I added the soft tactile fiber work with the sleek raku surface.

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Raku Wall Hanging commissioned by customer.

Raku Pottery Expressions

My raku pottery often receives extra individual expression via my own sculpted additions. In this case, two dragonflies were originally sculpted from clay by myself then made into a press mold for multiple applications (stay tuned for what a ‘press mold’ looks like!). I enjoy so many art expressions and sculpture is one of them!

A press mold allows me to take moist clay, press it into the concave areas, trim it up and apply it to a still damp vessel so that it ‘becomes one with the vessel’. Soon, I’ll be adding to my blog pics of the press mold technique!

Raku Urn with Dragonflies

Raku Urn with Dragonflies

Raku-Just ONE of the reasons I love it

I have specialized in the raku firing process for more than 15 years and I love it today just as much (if not more) than when I was first captivated by raku! These two pieces featured here are but a small example of the fascination it holds for me. Both of these pieces have the same featured feather(s) and were glazed identically. If you’ve experienced raku firing, you automatically know how exciting that very last step is when you learn of the final coloration. Both pieces are beautiful while the coloration is totally different: the first has bright copper with alot of blue, the second has a gorgeous golden hue with more subtle coloration. It is just ONE of the reasons I enjoy this process so!Metallic Blue Copper Raku Urn or Lidded Pot with Feather 1Raku Urn with Feathers 1