Monthly Archives: May 2015

New Raku Pottery

As long as I’ve been making raku and think I’ve seen it all, along comes a new raku pottery piece with coloration I’ve not seen before. I guess that illustrates just ONE of the many reasons I love this process so. I work with a fairly limited palette of glazes but there are many ways of combining them. This particular piece has a matte base glaze with a glossier glaze dripped diagonally over the surface. Most of the time, when I combine these two, the dripped part frequently goes all copper, but in this case it’s a rich deep black and I loved the way it turned out!! I am especially¬†fond of the copper “halo” around one of the black drips in the first picture. I may (or may not) see coloration like this again! Here are the results:

Copper Black Drip Raku Pot 5

Copper Black Drip Raku Pot 3