picture of raku artist lynne anderson with oval raku wall piece

Artist's Statement from Lynne Anderson

My work and the creative process itself are clearly in the “driver’s seat” of my path as an artist. It is like being on a road trip and not being sure of the exact final destination but being filled with excitement and adventure of where it is taking me.

Each of my pieces seems to have its own “life” and I strive to remain open & receptive to its own dictates for final presentation.

There are consistent elements in my work which have their roots in the desert southwest; its landscape, wildlife and imagery. I have studied and drawn endless inspiration from the pictographs and petroglyphs left behind on rock and cave walls by more ancient peoples who inhabited this area in centuries past. The ongoing influence of Native American artistry and culture is also a source of admiration and respect.

In a sense, my work might be termed “Neo-Southwestern”.  Of continuous challenge to me, and perhaps the single most significant one, is to incorporate much of the iconography of this geographical area in a new way that is unique to my mode of expression.

Images are stylized in a more contemporary approach but are placed on carefully crafted surfaces suggestive of rock/cave walls, and, while some of the forms might be reminiscent of Pueblo pottery, the intense coloration of iridescent raku glazes puts a modern spin on them. The ancient spiral symbol might be portrayed as a sculptural focal point on a wall piece or pictorially along with other stylized images.

I love contrast in artwork and enjoy the challenge of “making it work” aesthetically. I love creating sculptural, abstract forms with randomly torn edges; combining contemporary with old/ancient. Often, I combine other materials such as fiber, copper metal/wire, bone beads and metallic threads which I find visually exciting.

picture of awards presented to raku by shekinah clay

Following my discovery of the raku process while I was working on my Master’s Degree, I set a goal to create works in clay that would be perceived more as ‘art’ than ‘craft’.

I feel very honored to have received many awards for my work with Raku; among the 1st place ribbons were two that are particularly meaningful to me. Those two 1st place awards were not just in the category of ceramics, but included ALL the Fine Art categories! My husband and  I have spent many pleasurable years showing Raku at festivals and shows.

Awards & Credentials


“High School Art Educator of the Year” presented by the Colorado Art Education Association


Commissioned by National Bison Association to make Trophy Awards for the National Champion Bison & corresponding Judges Awards.


Featured in March/April 2001 edition of “Dallas Home Design” Magazine


Featured Artist in the Inaugural “Rocky Mountain Concours D’Elegance” at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs