Greetings and Welcome! Where is it that we’ve arrived TO?

In years past, for over a decade, my husband and Shekinah Clay business partner Robert Leuallen and I were traveling far and wide in a multi-state region participating in 20-30 juried Fine Art Shows annually: Texas, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Wyoming and Idaho to name a few. In addition, we participated in numerous Shows within our home State of Colorado.

During this past time period, we looked forward to and planned for the time when we’d cut back on travel, spend more time in the home studio experimenting, stretching our creative endeavors and do our major marketing & sales on the internet. By achieving this, we’re able to present a 24/7 “Show” and “Gallery” of raku art! We’ve arrived! We will still participate in some local and favorite shows, but for the most part we’re beyond the threshold of building our online business with sales via

I’ve just completed our new Website and will be adding regularly to my Blog which will focus on the many and varied thoughts, inspirations and experiences of my life as a professional artist.

Thank you for dropping by! I will very much welcome your comments and conversation!

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