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Completing Raku Pottery

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Completing raku pottery usually involves several steps. The accompanying picture shows 4 raku pots recently fired and ready for completion. Because of the fiery, smokey raku process, they often have some residual ash which I clean off with a dampened rag. I also check the bottom of the pot (called the foot rim) for any roughness which could scratch the surface of anything it was set upon. If it is rough, a little sanding smooths it.

The next part of completing raku pottery is a very fun step for me! Some of the pieces ‘stand alone’ beautifully without ‘calling’ for additional embellishment. Others, even with gorgeous raku coloration, seem to ‘speak’ for an accent. I love mixed media and have quite a ‘stash’ of materials which I collect anytime I see them. When I see a piece I want to embellish, I literally see it completed in my mind’s eye and go about making it a reality. Such is the case with this piece pictured here.


Following my instincts, I completed this raku pot by adding a copper wire collar with a spiral which holds a copper heart charm. In my opinion, it’s now complete!




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