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Raku Wall Piece-New Work-2014-2-11

Raku Oval with Guardian Horses

These ‘Guardian Horse’ images have very special meaning to me! Read the blog post to learn more.

This raku wall piece is new work in progress with ‘Guardian Horses’. It is a large domed oval measuring approximately 27″ L X 13 1/2″ W. When completed, it will make a stunning accent piece for home or office. I will track this one on my blog so the final results can be seen!

The raku wall piece has been bisque fired, so the next step was to complete the images of the Guardian Horses. These are stylized regal looking horses which have huge symbolic meaning to me! I was a ‘horse crazy’ young girl and my Father used this consuming interest of mine to teach me the value of saving money. And, save I did. All my family knew I wanted a horse, so Birthdays and Christmas usually had some kind of cash gift to contribute to the ‘horse fund’. In addition, I did odd jobs to earn more.

Finally, the day came when a beautiful dapple grey mare became my own. While I’d saved enough money to buy her, I didn’t have money for a saddle so bareback riding was how I learned. I fell off alot!! And this was on some pretty expansive acreage in Texas……the amazing thing is……she never left me. She easily could have, but didn’t. It was if she looked out for me as a youngster of her own.

The bisqued oval with Guardian Horses was designed by me in her honor. She was a very special horse and not only taught me, but took care of me in the early days of my riding experiences.

The horse images were placed on the raku oval using a latex material. I will be glazing it today, and following the glaze drying completely, I will remove the latex images. When it is raku fired, because there will be no glaze in those areas, they will get blackened with carbon and be surrounded with unique raku coloration! Stay tuned for updates!


Completing Raku Pottery

Recently fired  raku pottery ready for completing

These four pieces were recently fired and are now ready for the finishing process to ready them for sale.

Completing raku pottery usually involves several steps. The accompanying picture shows 4 raku pots recently fired and ready for completion. Because of the fiery, smokey raku process, they often have some residual ash which I clean off with a dampened rag. I also check the bottom of the pot (called the foot rim) for any roughness which could scratch the surface of anything it was set upon. If it is rough, a little sanding smooths it.


The next part of completing raku pottery is a very fun step for me! Some of the pieces ‘stand alone’ beautifully without ‘calling’ for additional embellishment. Others, even with gorgeous raku coloration, seem to ‘speak’ for an accent. I love mixed media and have quite a ‘stash’ of materials which I collect anytime I see them. When I see a piece I want to embellish, I literally see it completed in my mind’s eye and go about making it a reality. Such is the case with this piece pictured here.

Raku pot recently fired ready to have an accent applied.

This raku pot has stunning coloration but seemed to ‘call out’ for an accent.



Following my instincts, I completed this raku pot by adding a copper wire collar with a spiral which holds a copper heart charm. In my opinion, it’s now complete!




Raku pot with copper wire and charm embellishment.

Here is the same raku pot previously seen, now complete with its accent!