Custom urn for a cherished family member who loved elephants.

A Custom Urn for a cherished loved one

This urn was for a family member who loved elephants. First, I threw the urn form on the potter’s wheel and trimmed the bottom the next day. Then I ‘drew’ the elephant on a thin slab of clay, added the design detail, cut it out and added it to the still damp urn form by a joining technique called ‘scoring and slipping’. From that point forward, the elephant addition and the urn are one piece.


  • Kendra says:

    How much does this urn cost in American dollars?

    • charl7 says:

      Hi Kendra and thanks for your inquiry.
      The urn you’re asking about was a custom order and is not ‘for sale’ tho I could certainly make another like it. Colors would vary and price is based on the size needed.
      Let me know if you have any further questions

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