Flame work on raku happens occasionally. It’s exciting for me when it does! Each piece of raku is removed from the firing around 1800 degrees. From there, it’s placed in a barrel with newspaper. More info about the firing process here: https://rakubyshekinahclay.com/raku-firing-process/

When a piece of pottery is literally red hot, the newspapers catch fire right away. It blazes fast and hot. Then the lid is placed on the barrel. Oxygen is cut off at that point and the colors happen. It is at this point when flame work sometimes leaves its wonderful mark! For me, it’s very special! This beautiful vase can be purchased from my store here: https://rakubyshekinahclay.com/product/raku-oval-vase-iridescent-with-grape-motif/

Flame work on raku is full of serendipity. I love that it happens…..whenever and however it does.

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