As long as I’ve been making raku and think I’ve seen it all, along comes a new raku pottery piece with coloration I’ve not seen before. I guess that illustrates just ONE of the many reasons I love this process so. I work with a fairly limited palette of glazes but there are many ways of combining them. This particular piece has a matte base glaze with a glossier glaze dripped diagonally over the surface. Most of the time, when I combine these two, the dripped part frequently goes all copper, but in this case it’s a rich deep black and I loved the way it turned out!! I am especially¬†fond of the copper “halo” around one of the black drips in the first picture. I may (or may not) see coloration like this again! Here are the results:




  • Liz says:

    I did not see this piece on etsy. Did I miss it? The colorations are just what I am looking for…fire and color, as I explained in my comment on the process. Is this a small piece? If you don’t have one like this, could you make one? It is to go with my message about the fire in our lives. Thanks. Email me if you want to.

    • charl7 says:

      Hi Liz…..that piece has sold. It was a small piece, and yes, certainly I can make another…..the coloration however will be its own unique outcome! It’s the nature of raku and also one of the reasons I love it so. Each piece is always one of a kind.

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