Raku Oval Vase Iridescent with Grape Motif


Raku oval vase, iridescent with grape motif, … such a unique item! The form itself has visual movement! There are 2 grape clusters on the front. The colors are beautiful! There’s blue, copper, gold, green and more1

The oval form makes it very unique. It’d be a wonderful gift item…..for any home or office.

Shipping is included in the retail price!

You can actually see the path of the flame on this piece. The wispy copper swaying lines on the front and the back show the flame work.

This piece measures approximately 9 1/2″ H X 4 1/2″ W. It is beautiful all on its own. If you’d like to use it for fresh flowers, just use a liner. All raku remains porous!

Raku is for decorative purposes and is not foodsafe.

This raku oval vase iridescent with grape motif would be a very special focal point!



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