Raku Pot in Metallic and Iridescent Colors



This is such a beautiful raku pot in metallic and iridescent colors! It’s very glossy and mostly copper with splashes of yellow green, blue, fuscia and more!

Measures approximately 3 3/4″ X 4″ and would brighten up any room of home or office.

Often, a smaller pot like this shows beautifully with a larger piece. And a commonly known decorator’s tip is to display 3 things together rather than even numbered things. To that, I’d also add variety in sizes as shown here http://schoolofdecorating.com/2016/07/the-rule-of-three-for-styling-your-coffee-table/

Raku remains porous due to the firing process itself: https://rakubyshekinahclay.com/raku-firing-process/

I really love the process as it always produces one of a kind. As an art buyer myself, one of a kind is very significant to me and I’ve met many others who hold this value too.

Will you choose this raku pot in metallic and iridescent colors to come live with you?

Raku is not food safe, but is for decorative purposes only!


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