Raku Pot in Metallic Iridescent Colors


This raku pot in metallic iridescent colors is ablaze with copper! It is so shiny and there are great areas in the glaze. The affect you see is one glaze poured over another.  It’s quite the beauty! More info about raku glazes here: https://rakubyshekinahclay.com/raku-glaze/

Measures approximately 3 4/4″ H X 3 1/4″ W.

All raku remains porous and is not food safe. If you would ever want to put fresh flowers in it, just use a liner. I have had customers in the past purchase especially FOR this reason. Plastic drink glasses of varying sizes are perfect liners.

This raku pot in Metallic Iridescent Colors makes such a BIG statement for a smaller pot! It’d be a great gift item even for yourself!



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