Raku Pot with Bear Paw Design Metallic and Iridescent


This raku pot with Bear Paw design has such beautiful metallic colors! Also there are so many iridescent colors as seen in photos.

The black background was made by masking out that area when I spray glazed. So that area did not get glaze and in raku whatever is NOT glazed gets blackened by carbon. Post firing, I spray the blackened area so that it remains a rich black over time.

Raku is such an interesting process! Two identical pieces can be glazed exactly the same, fired in the same firing and their colors can be altogether different! It all depends on how much or how little oxygen it gets at a critical point. More information about the process here: https://rakubyshekinahclay.com/raku-firing-process/

All raku remains porous and is not food safe. If you should want to put fresh flowers in a raku vase or pot, just use a liner. Past customers have told me that fast food drink glasses work well for this!

Need a gift for someone? Want to brighten up a room in home or office? This raku pot with Bear Paw design in metallic and iridescent colors would be amazing!


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