Raku Urn with Labradorite Gemstone


This raku urn with Labradorite gemstone has gorgeous metallic & iridescent coloration. Shipping is included in the retail price. The base glaze is glossy. This results in beautiful metallic iridescent colors. Some of them are: coppers, blues, fuscias and (and more!). The front is highlighted with blackened design. The black lines were unglazed. In raku firing, they get black with carbon. Later, I spray a clear acrylic over it. A labradorite gemstone highlights the front.  Click on the link below to learn more about labradorite.



Measures approx. 12″” H (to tip of handle pull) X 6 1/2″ W -at its widest
Capacity: approx. 151 cu. inches:
(for capacity calculation – a pet weighing 50 pounds would need 50 cu. inch capacity for cremains)

As seen here, it displays beautifully as an object of art and, without the lid, can also be used to hold a lovely dried or cut flower arrangement (a liner should be used with water/fresh flowers as raku remains porous). In addition, this lidded vessel can also serve as a beautiful urn for a loved one or a pet. The lid can either be sealed permanently (I recommend using E-6000 if a sealed lid is preferred), or left loose for future potential of scattering ashes. In addition, it could be used as a ‘sharing urn’ since some families seem to prefer having a funeral home divide the cremains so that each family member can retain their own memorial of their loved one.

**Raku is for decorative use only as it is not food safe**

One of the benefits of using a lidded vessel as an urn is that it can grace its environment as a meaningful memento of your loved one-to you- without announcing to everyone who sees it what its contents are. All else who view it will most naturally see it as an art object.

This raku urn with labradorite gemstone would be a great addition to any home or office setting as well as making a terrific gift item!

* Glazed inside and out

*Completely handmade

*As with all raku, it is one of a kind!


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