Raku Pottery Lid

This raku pottery lid was created especially for my Mother who is now passed. I made functional work years ago. Sugar bowls and honey pots were a favorite among my family, but at this time my Mother’s arthritis in her hands was so crippling that she had trouble grasping certain things with her index finger and her thumb.

So, I set about thinking of a way to make a pottery lid in such a way that removing the lid would be easy for her. Then I began using the same type of lid on my raku pottery pieces as many others seemed to like them too.

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2 thoughts on “Raku Pottery Lid

    1. charl7 Post author

      Hi and thanks for your interest! I use various combinations of Lemon Luster and Black Raku which I mix myself. Both are fairly common recipes and you likely can find them online. Happy firing!


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