For your cherished loved one

Statistics verify that the very personal choice of cremation versus burial has been on the rise for decades. As a result, urns of varying types, sizes, and designs are becoming increasingly diverse.

Urns made and completed by the Raku Firing Process seem a very beautiful and fitting tribute to a person’s loved one, whether human or pet, for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, a Raku Urn is ALWAYS one of a kind, exactly as individual as the person/pet it honors. Secondly, a Raku Urn can serve its purpose while adding to the decor of a room without overly announcing what its contents are.

Many of the Urns I create can carry the double name of “Lidded Vases or Urns”. In the world of ceramics, the Lidded Vase is considered an object of art, and as such, it can function beautifully in the home while serving in a very personal way to its owner.