Raku Vases


picture of raku vase with spiral

As some other of my Raku, this piece is inspired by the beautiful images of spiral nebulae sent back from the Hubble.

Following are examples of various kinds of Raku Vases I enjoy creating. For current raku available, please visit www.etsy.com/shop/raku4u

picture of raku oval vase

I really the unique form and ‘attitude’ of oval vases!


picture of raku vase with aspen leaves

Embellishing vases with additions such as the Aspen Leaves here is but one of my creative pleasures!



picture of raku vase

A matte raku glaze was first sprayed on this vase with a glossier glaze poured diagonally over.


picture of raku vase with grape leaves

Another embellishment with Leaves. I loved the golden color of both the leaves and the interior of the vase.




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