This raku wall mirror with horses is an example of my usage of original imagery. The unique stylized form of the horses have a very personal meaning to me…..and I call them “Guardian Horses”.

When I was young, I wanted a horse more than anything and my Father used my motivation to teach me about saving money. If I really wanted a horse, I’d need to work for it and save my pennies…….and that I did…..for a long time! Finally, the day came that a beautiful dapple grey mare became my own. I had money for the horse, but not for a saddle, so I needed to learn to ride bareback.

I cannot tell you how many times I fell off her back….and I’d be in the middle of nowhere, several miles from the house and corrals. Sweetheart of a horse she was, she never left me, though she easily could have. It was as if she thought I was one of her very own children……she would stand patiently…. looking intently at me as if concerned that I was ok. ¬†For that reason, and in her honor, the Guardian Horse is featured on several of my raku wall pieces… this case a Raku Wall Mirror.

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